Teachers and Staff

At Unity, our teachers and staff are committed to creating capable, confident, life-long learners. All of our professional staff are New Jersey state certified.

Administrative Staff

Connie Sanchez

Executive Director

Donald Goncalves

School Business Administrator

Michael Braverman

Dean of Students

Melissa Sadin

Special Education Director

Jennifer Carcich

Supervisor of Curriculum

Brenda Rivera

Assistant to the Business Administrator

Sonia Vigier

Student Services Coordinator

Catarina Esteves

Office Manager

Professional Staff

Amy Mercado

Technology Integration Specialist

Judy Crozier & Jennifer Espinal


Megan Cahill & Jhossenmy Fernandez

Kindergarten/1st grade

Amanda Marinaro & Cindy Perez-Fuentez


Kaitlyn Bourne & Camila Gomez


Christine Thompson & Alejandro Chappotin


Rebecca Caramanica & Annissa Elliot


Kelly Fedynich & Justin Cedeno


Michael Del Vecchio

MS Language Arts

Lindsey Daly

MS Social Studies

Jeffrey Mrozak

MS Science

Kristopher Scotto

MS Mathematics

Jeannette Hainzl

MS Algebra & Geometry

Special Subjects

Alyssa Faber

Physical Education and Health

Ashley Houser

Visual & Performing Arts

Support Services

Danielle Maiorana

School Counselor

Sean Latino

School Psychologist

Marla Guariglia

Speech Therapist

Cate Hutchison

Occupational Therapist

Teresa LaSala

Positive Discipline Consultant

Special Education

Ashley Serafim (CST- LDTC)
Ashley Powell (MS)
Sandy DeSmedt (MS)
Zoe Camp (MS)
Taylor Giordano (LS)
Michelle De Bonis (LS)

Food Services

Danielle Lang

Head School Nurse

Emily Robinson

After Care

Danielle Maiorana

After Care Coordinator

Danielle Lang

After Care Billing