Our award-winning, sustainability-focused school provides a nurturing, dynamic learning environment where every child’s uniqueness is celebrated and valued. We are tuition-free, offering many of the same programs as the top, private elementary schools, but our primary differences lie in our purpose, our approach and our people.

Most Recent Unity Awards:

  • The Eco-School’s USA Green Flag for Exceptional Green Achievement: Unity Charter is the only one of three schools in the country to receive this national recognition three times. READ MORE
  • New Jersey School of Character: Unity is the only charter school in the state of New Jersey to receive this designation. READ MORE
  • Certification for NJ Sustainable Schools: READ MORE
  • Certification for NJ Sustainable Schools: READ MORE
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Service Learning

At Unity Charter, we develop global citizens with a passion for preserving our world. We instill an understanding and appreciation of the earth through immersion both in and out of the classroom, all with the shared mission of a better tomorrow.

As 21st century leaders, all students must complete 16 hours of internal service and 20 hours of external community service during their time at Unity. This can be completed over the course of multiple years and can start as early as kindergarten. Unity’s service learning efforts are student-initiated and led, infusing sustainability and leadership development into project-based learning.

We help fuel our students’ passion for stewardship by giving them opportunities to align with causes that move them. A number of students dedicate their time to helping reduce plastic pollution—a problem that grows exponentially every year and has contributed to 8 million tons of plastic ending up in our oceans. This past year, many students led local efforts for the nationwide “Stop Sucking” campaign to reduce waste from plastic straws. For their work educating residents, businesses and the community, Unity Charter students received a Mayoral Proclamation and inspired the Morristown Mayor to declare May 25th “No Straw Day.” This year, Unity Charter School students are expanding their efforts beyond Morristown to bring awareness to Trenton, as well!

Our community service learning efforts span far beyond plastic straw campaigns and anti-pollution efforts. More exciting community efforts include:

  • A Community Garden
  • Community Recycling Efforts
  • Used Battery Collection Drives
  • Bike Swap
  • And more!