Unity Charter School’s Board of Trustees meets monthly to discuss school matters, during which detailed accounts of all discussions are documented. View our Monthly Meeting Minutes.


Brian Stang


Charlene Burris

Vice President


Brianna Divak

Valay Desai

Kara Parham

Annemarie Maini

 Rina Asemamaw 

Herschel Kenney

Deven Liburn

Nicole Pittaluga

Robert Ghelli


Executive Director

Connie Sanchez

Business Administrator

Donald Goncalves


The General Assembly is a unique aspect of Unity Charter, in which the entire commUnity actively participates in the governance of the school. Convened three times each year, the General Assembly provides parents, teachers, board members and students with opportunities to discuss, debate and resolve issues pertaining to Unity’s governance. All stakeholders, parents/guardians of enrolled children, teachers, staff, and students in grades six through eight are eligible to vote at the General Assembly, which is required to take certain actions during the year:

  • Fall Assembly/October: The first General Assembly elects a Grievance Committee, as well as a Finance Committee to oversee the development of the school’s budget for the next year.
  • Winter Assembly/March: The second General Assembly votes on the budget developed by the Finance Committee and the school administration.
  • Spring Assembly/June: At the third and final General Assembly, new Board members are elected for three-year terms.

Each General Assembly is also an opportunity for the commUnity to celebrate our accomplishments. Additional topics may include student presentations and performances, family input into important developments in curriculum and programs, and the Director’s annual State of the School presentation. At each assembly, our commUnity comes together to assess our progress toward the Unity Charter mission and to plan improvements for the future.