Unity Charter School Rain Barrel Workshop: Conserving Water

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On Saturday April 21st, I attended a family workshop on how to make a rain barrel.  This was one of those tasks that I knew I could handle on my own, but I wasn’t getting around to it.  The workshop was the perfect way that, once again, Unity pushed my good intentions into real actions to help the earth. We lucked out weather-wise, and met outside on the Unity Charter School playground.  Families with kids young and old each received a blue food-grade barrel and a rain barrel kit.  Joe Dunn, from the Morris County Soil Conservation District, walked us through the process step by step.
unity charter school families lear  how to make a rain barrel

UCS families at rain barrel workshop

Gus Gauntlet Inspires UNITY Students with Hip Hop

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In March, the Parents Association hosted a two day workshop at Unity Charter School with Gus Gauntlet, a Brooklyn based Hip Hop artist.  The purpose of the workshop was to have the students learn about hip hop music, rhythm, and beats so that they could create and record their own song about Unity while incorporating our mission of sustainability and nature. The elementary students focused on the chorus and middle school focused on the lyrics for the verses. Each Middle School student wrote and recorded their own verse. Over those two days he encouraged the students to stretch their imaginations and think outside of the box. With recording equipment he brought into the classroom the students recorded the song right at the school. He brought out the best in each child. Even the most timid summed up the courage to try out this genre!! Several of the teachers and administrators also participated.

What’s Next @ UNITY?

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This Thursday April 19, 2012 is Unity Charter School’s Open House!  Come visit and see what we’re all about.  This event is open to the public for prospective students and their families to hear about Unity’s mission and educational approach.  Doors are open at 7pm at 1 Evergreen Place (Off Ridgedale Avenue), Morristown, near East Hanover Avenue. For more information, visit our website at www.unitycharterschool.org.  See you there! – Editor

March 2012 General Assembly Re-Cap

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Exercising the democratic governance model and celebrating its newly-renewed charter, Unity Charter School’s March 26th Assembly meeting helped pass an annual budget that will shape the school’s direction and priorities this year. Looking ahead, main school priorities include a slight increase in enrollment, as well as the creation of a new middle school learning group with an accompanying teacher specializing in science. The Board of Trustees also reported strides on existing goals such as improving data tracking and reporting of student achievement, mapping and expanding curriculum and strengthening the future vision of the middle school grades.

CommUnity Coffee: A Discussion on Commercial Free Schools

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About once a month, the CommUnity comes together for coffee  after the school wide morning meeting.  Lately, the meetup has evolved into curated discussions about various topics related to our school.  This past week, I was able to attend  the discussion about adopting a policy to make Unity a “Commercial Free School”. Commercial Free Schools are schools that  “adopt policies that assure positive public school- private sector relationships, and guard against commercial partnerships that require school districts to advertise as a condition for receiving funds, products, materials or equipment.”  (http://www.ibiblio.org/commercialfree/policies.html)