Unity Charter Middle School Field Trip to Washington DC

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One of the most wonderful and unique aspects of Unity Charter School is field trips.  Field trips offer students a hands-on experience that they can’t get in a classroom, no matter how stellar the lesson plans.   Every year, the Middle School takes two overnight field trips in addition to numerous day trips.  The fall trip is geared toward the natural environment, and takes place at Camp Speers-Eljabar in Dingman’s Ferry, PA. The spring trip is usually centered around a city.  This year’s trip was to Washington DC. I was fortunate enough to attend this trip to our nation’s capitol, along with my 6th grade daughter, Hallie.  Following are a few excerpts from our travel journals.

Unity Charter School Rain Barrel Workshop: Conserving Water

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On Saturday April 21st, I attended a family workshop on how to make a rain barrel.  This was one of those tasks that I knew I could handle on my own, but I wasn’t getting around to it.  The workshop was the perfect way that, once again, Unity pushed my good intentions into real actions to help the earth. We lucked out weather-wise, and met outside on the Unity Charter School playground.  Families with kids young and old each received a blue food-grade barrel and a rain barrel kit.  Joe Dunn, from the Morris County Soil Conservation District, walked us through the process step by step.
unity charter school families lear  how to make a rain barrel

UCS families at rain barrel workshop