Learning About the Power of Water

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By Kimberly McCurnin

The 1/2 Learning Group’s field trip to Historic Speedwell on Wednesday, October 21st was an AMAZING kick off to group’s next unit, which is the study of Water and its Power! Upon arrival at Historic Speedwell, they began by playing some great outdoor games! The first game helped us understand how water can be a force that puts something into motion. The second helped us better understand the three states of water: solid, liquid, and gas.

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After the games, we actually saw water act as a force used to do “work” with a waterwheel! We learned that back when Alfred Vail, the owner of the property of Historic Speedwell, was alive, they did not have electricity. They used Water Power as their source of energy. They used the waterwheel to power a gristmill (used to create flour), cut wood, and to do many other things!

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We also had the opportunity to visit Vail House, which is over 100 years old, where we went on a scavenger hunt to learn more about how people lived back over a hundred years ago! Students were excited to see Historic Speedwell being sustainable by reusing the paper that was given out for our scavenger hunt. Students were able to see how people ate differently based on the seasons, where the sickly and guests slept in the house, and even how a dutch-style door was used to keep the cool air in but the animals out of the house.

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The students enjoyed a zero-waste lunch on the picnic tables on the property and even had a few minutes of outdoor play time before boarding the buses to head back to school. Our chaperones, Deb Marcus, Ankita Roelofs, and Dawn Bankston, helped to make the trip successful!

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Kimberly McCurnin is in her second year as the 1/2 Learning Group Teacher at Unity Charter School. With a degree from Boston University in Early Childhood Education, Kimberly is thrilled to be a member of this special, close-knit commUnity and honored to be part of such a talented, passionate staff. In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys attending yoga classes and taking advantage of the wonderful culture and arts that New York City has to offer.

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