The Terminators Tackle the Lego League

Written by Deborah Marcus. Posted in Daily Life at Unity Charter School, Technology

by Jeffrey Mrozak

We are excited to announce the kickoff of Unity Charter School’s first Lego League team. It is an exciting premise bringing STEM into friendly competition as students complete project and design challenges. This after school enrichment group is held on Thursday for students ages 10-14. This year’s theme for the project challenge is “trash trek”.

Our team (“The Terminators” – as chosen by the team members) must utilize the engineering design process to help design a solution to the building trash problem that our society has. Our team must work together to develop a method to help reduce the garbage problem in some form. They decide which problem they would like to research, and then must design a method to help. They also must complete a presentation of their ideas. The Terminators will also compete in a series of “robot challenges”. They will be responsible for the design, programming and building of these robots. We are looking forward to a very exciting season in the Lego League and cannot wait to work together as a team and have fun!

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Jeff is a 3/4 Learning group teacher at Unity. He currently lives in South Orange and has a Siberian Husky named Cali. He enjoys all forms of art and creating it, and also love playing and watching soccer. Jeff has a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree in Education as well as a Supervisor’s Certification from Seton Hall University. He is trained in S.T.E.M (the interdisciplinary approach to science, technology , engineering and math) and loves using this approach for all subjects in the classroom. Jeff enjoys working at Unity and embarking on exciting learning adventures in our classroom!

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