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By Jacqueline Messano
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On October 6th, Jen’s 2/3 learning group attended the science of toys workshop located in the common room at Unity. Bionic Bonnie was our toy specialist, representing the company Mad Science. The children were instantly enthused when they walked into the room, and saw the neat toy display. Each of these toys applied to the science concepts we have been exploring so far this year. These scientific terms include motion, friction, force, gravity, energy, air resistance, electricity, kinetic energy, and potential energy. Bionic Bonnie showed us 4 toys at a time, what they were called, how they operated, and proceeded to apply the laws of motion to each. The children were broken into groups according to the tables they are seated at in the classroom. Four stations were set up with one of the toys in each. The children rotated stations utilizing each toy, while making connections between the toy and laws of motion. Bionic Bonnie displayed 12 toys in total so the children broke into their groups to do their 4 station rotation 3 times. Every child was given at least 2 turns with all of the toys.

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Toys such as the Popper, and Switch Pitch addressed the concept of gravity. Bionic Bonnie emphasized that no matter how much energy we use to toss these toys into the air, they will always come back down because of Earth’s gravitational pull. Many children offered many creative and inventive names they thought the toys should be called instead. In the classroom, we explored friction by working with toy cars, and ramps made of aluminum foil, wax paper, sandpaper, and cardboard. They were able to apply their knowledge of friction to one of the toys involving a bird attached to a rod. The piece the bird was connected to caused it to move slowly rather than drop quickly when it was coming down the from the top of the rod. One of the toys that the children were very fascinated by was the magnetic wand. A plastic wheel with two small metal pieces on the sides attracted to the rod, and spun around when it was moved from side to side. Those were just a few of the impressive toys we worked with!

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As you can see, the students were very engaged in the activities! The children were very happy to find out that each of them would be taking home their very own yo-yo. This toy couldn’t have been more perfect for them to take home because just the day before a student mentioned how this toy applies to Newtons Third Law, action and reaction. Overall, the assembly was a great and enjoyable experience for everyone! It was great having that chance to really get that hands on experience while working with each one of the toys. It teaches us that science is and can be fun. Bonnie did a great job reinforcing each of the scientific terms by showing them how they apply.

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Bionic Bonnie noted that most of the toys that she used can be found in a Cracker Barrel store. If you are interesting in playing some fun and educational games with your child, the company website is, and the promo code is SYS4407. They are located in Morris and Sussex and can be contacted through the number (973)983-6030.

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Jacqueline Messano is a student teacher in Jen’s 2/3 learning group. She is currently finishing up her last college semester at William Paterson. She couldn’t be more thrilled to have been placed at Unity with such a great group of children, and cooperating teacher! During her free time, Jacqueline enjoys the outdoors, a good book, and nice cup of tea. 🙂

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