Gus Gauntlet Inspires UNITY Students with Hip Hop

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In March, the Parents Association hosted a two day workshop at Unity Charter School with Gus Gauntlet, a Brooklyn based Hip Hop artist.  The purpose of the workshop was to have the students learn about hip hop music, rhythm, and beats so that they could create and record their own song about Unity while incorporating our mission of sustainability and nature. The elementary students focused on the chorus and middle school focused on the lyrics for the verses. Each Middle School student wrote and recorded their own verse. Over those two days he encouraged the students to stretch their imaginations and think outside of the box. With recording equipment he brought into the classroom the students recorded the song right at the school. He brought out the best in each child. Even the most timid summed up the courage to try out this genre!! Several of the teachers and administrators also participated. The culmination of this community project is a DVD he compiled with a montage of pictures of the students over the two days. Please share this wonderful accomplishment with your family and listen out for your child in the song. Gus Gauntlet is a Brooklyn based artist. He has worked with organizations like Urban Art Beat and the Optimus Foundation. Currently, he works with Arts by the People here in Morristown. He has conducted similar workshops and residencies at many of the surrounding Morristown schools. His art form of choice is Hip Hop theatre. Some of his works include “Big Apple Turns to Cider” and “Mama Nature”. The Parents Association chose Gus Gauntlet because he not only understood our mission but lives it in his day to day life too.  Urban environmentalism is another of his passions, as he builds vegetable gardens for people around the City in any space available. The Parents Association attempts to provide unique programs to Unity Charter School, utilizing the money raised through its fundraising activities. This is just one example of what we can offer the community. We hope to be able to bring you more programs like these in the future. Thank you for your continued support. Ivette Desai for UNITY  

Ivette Desai is a parent to three daughters, two of which are at Unity.  She is the Cultural Arts and Book Fair Chair, and a Girl Scout Leader. Ivette has just recently returned to school to study Holistic Nutrition.

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