Why I Love Unity’s Talent Show

Written by Peter. Posted in 07960, Interest Groups

The Unity Talent Show is hands down my favorite fundraiser of the year.  Don’t get me wrong…  I love the rollerskating fundraiser and the Hoopla (i.e. student versus staff basketball game) is so exciting to watch, but you just can’t beat the Talent Show for a great evening of “commUnity”. Space Girls at Unity Talent ShowI found out about the Unity Talent Show long before my kids started attending the school.  My neighbor, whose son attended the school, would rave to me about how great the talent show was and that I really should come and watch one.  “Watch a talent show that my kids aren’t even part of?!” I thought. “Why would I put myself through that agony?”  But then my kids got accepted into the school.  Of course, we all wanted to attend and support the school.  That was the spring of 2008.  I have been captivated ever since. There is something so sweet and magical about seeing a kindergartener get up in front of a crowd of strangers to dance, sing or read a book that they wrote and illustrated themselves.  It just tugs at the ole heartstrings.Zombies at Unity Talent Show The sheer variety of acts that we get tells a tale of the diverse and creative minds of our students:  Pogo stick jumping! Break-dancing! Magic acts! Board-breaking Taekwondo!  Zombies!  Some of the acts are so legendary, they are still spoken about in the commUnity.  Who can forget the hilarious (and I mean hilarious!) stand up comedy routine of Ariel R?  Or the exquisite act “Bird calls on Stilts” by our very own June P? It is all truly wonderful, from the simple “Mary Had a Little Lamb” pecked out on a piano by a proud 6 year old, to a Broadway tunes belted out by Unity alumnus Sam M., to “Star Wars” on the trombone played to “performance art” which was choreographed, acted, danced and costumed by the students all on their own. Even more than the acts themselves, I love how the commUnity comes together to support the performers.  I love how the audience claps along or waves their arms in the air in encouragement.  I love how every single act gets thundering applause.  I love how it is a talent show and not a talent competition, because let’s face it: every child who gets up in front of the audience is a winner. I can’t wait for next year! Tanya Seaward PhotoTanya Seaward is a Unity mom to three students; Jeremy, Abby and Theo.  She is a member of the Board of Trustees and Chair of the Communications Committee.  Tanya is a Chartered Accountant who enjoys gardening and leisurely rides on her bike (no hills please!).