General Assembly

Unity Charter School empowers the entire commUnity to participate actively in the governance of our school. The General Assembly is one important vehicle for this participation. The General Assembly is convened three times each year to allow parents, teachers, Board members, and even students, opportunities to discuss, debate, and decide issues of governance. All the stakeholders listed, including students in grades 6 through 8, are eligible to vote at the General Assembly.

The General Assembly is legally required to take certain actions during the year. At the first Assembly, in October, the General Assembly elects a Finance Committee to oversee the development of the school’s budget for the next year. In March, the General Assembly votes on the budget that has been developed by the Finance Committee and the school administration. At the final General Assembly in June, new Board members and a Grievance Committee for the coming year are elected.

Each General Assembly is also an opportunity for the commUnity to celebrate our accomplishments. Additional General Assembly topics include student presentations and performances, family input into important developments in curriculum and programs, and the Director’s annual State of the School presentation. At each Assembly, our commUNITY comes together to assess our progress toward our Mission, and plan improvements for the future.

The Board of Trustees receives public input and advice given it by the commUnity which it serves; the parents/guardians of enrolled children, the staff, the student body, and concerned citizens. Unless the recommendations prohibit the Board from fulfilling its requirements under the law, those recommendations will be given priority in determining the policies set for the school.


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