Code of Conduct

Students, teachers and parents have collaborated to develop the following code of conduct which we believe fosters a positive, safe, encouraging learning environment.

We listen. We:
  • Pay attention
  • Stay quiet while others are speaking
  • Wait our turns to speak
  • Look at the person to whom we are speaking
  • We respect others and ourselves. We:
  • Treat others, as we would like to be treated
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Make others feel safe, not threatened
  • Use positive and friendly language
  • Are fair
  • Take care of each other’s property
We practice kindness and honesty. We:
  • Are supportive and positive
  • Do our own work without copying
  • Are friendly
  • Are truthful
We practice self-control. We:
  • Monitor our behavior and temper
  • Think before we speak and act
  • Are patient
  • Take turns
  • Use words, not violence, to solve problems
We respect the environment. We:
  • Conserve water, energy and resources whenever possible
  • Package lunches wisely using reusable resources whenever possible (cups, napkins, food containers, eating utensils, lunch sacks, etc.)
  • Compost
  • Sort trash and recycle
  • Care for property
  • Clean up after ourselves
We respect diversity. We:
  • Accept the ways of each other (foods, dress, customs, etc.)
  • Are curious about, and not critical of, differences
  • Are in this together, making rules through Democratic Governance
  • We model respectful behavior for each other
  • Work as a team
  • Have patience
  • Respect ideas
  • Come to consensus whenever possible (votes will be decided by majority rule but all opinions will be expressed and every effort made to reach consensus).
We accept responsibility for the choices we make and accept the consequences.


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