Role of the Board

The Unity Charter School Board of Trustees is a group of volunteers who serve the oversight function for the school. Beginning in 2016, Board Trustees are elected for a three year term by community members during the June General Assembly. Trustees can by appointed by the Board in case of vacancies, and they serve until the next general election. The Board consists of between seven and eleven members.

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the school operates efficiently and in compliance with the Charter School Program Act of 1995 and all other applicable laws and regulations. The four functions of a Board of Trustees, as outlined by the New Jersey School Boards Association, are:

  • To develop a budget
  • To provide guidance through policy. The Board sets policy or the WHAT (vision, goals, needs, expectations). The Director provides the HOW (hiring, evaluation, purchasing, assigning, implementing, coaching, teaching, testing, assessing)
  • To provide management oversight (hiring and evaluating the Director, approving the curriculum, etc.)
  • To ensure two-way communication with the administration, staff and parents

All Board meetings are open to the public. Community members who would like to address the Board are encouraged to attend the Board meetings or send the matter in writing to the Board Secretary.


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