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Unity Eco-School Interest Group Creates a Healthy Crunch Recipe

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By Amy Hoffman
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The Eco-School’s Healthy Foods group is working each Thursday to redefine snacking here at Unity! We worked tirelessly to investigate produce that we could grow quickly and here at school.

We have been fortunate to have been able to use the grow station that, parent, Rich Hoffman generously donated to grow Sprouts! So, the group needed to think of a snack that we could “invent” using sprouts…. Here is Unity’s very own snacking creation – Healthy Crunch!

  • Gluten Free Bagel Chips
  • seeds for sprouts, soil, water, and sun.
  • hummus
  1. Plant seeds. Grow sprouts. Harvest. To harvest, cut near the bottom. Cut in small pieces. Wash well.
  2. Get a bagel chip. (G-F)
  3. Spread the hummus on chip.
  4. Sprinkle sprouts on hummus.
  5. Eat!

Earth Day at Unity Charter School

Written by Peter. Posted in Sustainability, Whole Child Education

– by Tanya Seaward In celebration of Earth Day on Monday, April 22, we put the question out to our commUnity:  “What sustainable changes has your family made since coming to Unity Charter School?” Here are some of the responses: “not useing paper tawols.” (sic) – Stevie, age 7 “reusing bags and not useing paper towls.” (sic) – Isabelle, age 8 “Carpooling for three years.” – Arnav, age 8 “Help the environment.” – Greydon, age 6 “Using the compost pile; using compost for the gardens; carpooling.  Using an electric car.” – all Lila O., age 7 [Special thanks to Lila O. for her prolific contributions to the blog! -Ed.] “Carpooling.” – Alison, age 12 “Carpooling … sometimes.” – Sierra, age 12 “Carpooling and low flow toilets.” – Ocean, age 8 “I bike to work once a week and my son bikes to school once a week.” – Jen C. “I would say the biggest change is that, while our practices have been fairly consistent, now we are more aware of what we do. Because our children are learning about sustainability at school, they are much more involved in practices at home and we have more conversations around sustainability and taking care of the earth.” – Catherine D. “Since Sarah started in Unity this year, we have made some great changes at home. We only use cloth napkins and use resuseable snack bags when taking snacks outside the home. We also use glass storage containers more and plastic bags less for storing leftovers. It’s small, but it’s a start!” – Deborah M. “We have learned so much from Unity’s vegetarian and zero-waste lunch program.  We use reusable containers, and my children don’t ask for the single-serve snack items anymore.  We eat a vegetarian meal at least once or twice per week, we are much more thoughtful about the food choices we make, and we all enjoy going to the Morristown Farmer’s market on Sundays! – Tanya S. “We have committed to more second-hand shopping in order to conserve the overwhelming resources that go into producing new items and featuring them in brick-and-mortar stores.” – Annalise S. “Buying produce from a local farmer: it reduces food miles and he uses sustainable farming techniques.” – Peter M.

Green Flag for Unity Charter School

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Green stripes, green solids, green hats, hoods and scarves, and also, a green flag! Wednesday was a very special day at Unity Charter School when it was became the first school in all of New Jersey to be presented the Green Flag Award by the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA, an internationally acclaimed program that provides a framework to help educators integrate sustainable principles throughout their schools and curriculum.

Green Films at Schiff Natural Lands Trust

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Mendham’s Schiff Natural Lands Trust will host a  green-themed film festival on Friday and Saturday, 1 and 2 June.  The fourth annual Wild and Natural Film Festival will have documentaries on everything from rock climbing in Chad, to the monetization of water, to one family’s effort to keep plastic bottles off a California beach. Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased through Schiff’s web site.

Unity Charter School Rain Barrel Workshop: Conserving Water

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On Saturday April 21st, I attended a family workshop on how to make a rain barrel.  This was one of those tasks that I knew I could handle on my own, but I wasn’t getting around to it.  The workshop was the perfect way that, once again, Unity pushed my good intentions into real actions to help the earth. We lucked out weather-wise, and met outside on the Unity Charter School playground.  Families with kids young and old each received a blue food-grade barrel and a rain barrel kit.  Joe Dunn, from the Morris County Soil Conservation District, walked us through the process step by step.
unity charter school families lear  how to make a rain barrel

UCS families at rain barrel workshop