Links of the Moment: Early Summer Edition

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Are social media taking over your life?  Are they taking over your children’s lives? How connected to we need to be?  This is a debate in your blog administrator’s household and elsewhere.  Although Facebook, for example, currently prohibits persons under 13 from having a page, over seven million kids under 13 create a Facebook page anyway, fibbing about their ages.

What Happens on Half Days? An Inside Look At Staff Training

Written by Peter. Posted in Education, Positive Discipline, Sustainability

Whether planning for extended Aftercare or a lunchtime play date, Unity Charter School parents know that half-days require special planning. Those approximately two half days a month are one of the school’s defining features. And yet parents and community members unfamiliar with their purpose might bristle: why early dismissal? Behind the scenes, Unity staff uses that time in its own unique way: for multi-faceted staff training and meetings that allow faculty and administration to identify needs, set goals and measure results. “We ask our teachers, what can we offer you so that you can be the best at your craft?” said Director Carolyn Mungo, and the response helps form the agenda of each staff development day.