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Boo-gie into the Halloween Dance

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Boo-gie into the Halloween Dance

by Teresa’s Cheetahs PBL Class

All the middle school students and 9th grade alumni students were invited to the Halloween dance on October 17, 2014. Admission ranged from $7 to $10, depending on if you bought the tickets online or at the door. The profits benefited the school. The common room was decorated festively by student volunteers. There was a snack bar, which included Chip’s Ahoy cookies, popcorn, lemonade, seltzer water, and pretzels. Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls danced to the DJ’s popular songs. Flashing disco lights lit up the dance floor. The students would like to thank the chaperones, teachers, and parents who assisted with this awesome dance. We especially want to thank Karen Bloch for making the dance happen. This was one of our best dances yet!

Unity Charter School Middle School Students visit Frost Valley YMCA camp

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Frost Valley Adventures

by The Cheetahs, the grade 6/7 learning group, lead by Teresa Badalamenti

The middle schoolers of Unity Charter School went on a two-night trip to Frost Valley from October 29 to October 31, 2014.The students of grades six through eight traditionally take an autumn camping trip. This year, the students went to Frost Valley, a YMCA camp in Catskills, NY. Frost Valley offers team-building activities such as archery, hiking, rock climbing, high ropes, low ropes, and survival skills. On the first night, the students had the opportunity to play commando and black ops as well as to go on a haunted trail. On the second night, the students had a campfire where they roasted marshmallows and performed skits. To top it all off, the food was delicious! It was an experience to remember!

First Graders graph their way to making a difference!

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By Amy Hoffman My 1st grade math class at Unity Charter School recently organized a service learning project where we collected items to assist a young girl, named Maia, who is a student in the country of Belize. Maia is in 1st grade at St. John’s Primary School and has Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a condition that Maia was born with where she cannot walk. Unfortunately, St. John’s Primary School is not large enough to accommodate Maia’s wheel chair. So, as a class, we decided to collect money to purchase items for Maia, like scooters and gloves, to help Maia move around in her classroom.
We started our drive by creating and sending out a flier to the community telling Maia’s story. On our flier, we asked for donations of scooters, knee and shin pads, wrist and elbow guards, and padded gloves. As we collected the donation forms, we organized the information into data and used this opportunity to learn about graphs. We first put out data on a tally chart. Then, because we could see the data in an organized way, we were able to make a  bar graph to show our donation progress to our school community. Our graphs worked! The community here at Unity really stood up! We were able to gather $729.30 worth of pledges and provide lots of materials for Maia’s educational setting.

Free 2-hour workshop: an Introduction to Positive Discipline

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Curious about Unity’s approach to Character Development? Check out these upcoming free introductory workshops hosted at Unity November 12, 2013:

Discover how disciplining children can be done with kindness and firmness, at the same time! Learn how to teach your children, not boss them. Learn the reasons behind the behavior, and the differences between consequences and punishment, encouragement and praise.

With this Adlerian based program, parents will be provided with some of the basic tools and skills necessary to begin the implementation of family meetings, and create a home which enhances cooperation, collaboration, conflict resolution, communication skills, accountability and respect. Learn about PD at Unity, and how it’s integrated into your child’s daily curriculum.

The workshops are facilitated by Teresa LaSala, Certified Positive Discipline Lead Trainer.  Teresa regularly facilitates both Positive Discipline in the Classroom (PDC) and Parenting with Positive Discipline (TP) workshops.  She has on-going relationships with a number of schools to develop a comprehensive, systemic, campus-wide PD Program.  Her trainings, both locally and internationally, have provided support for parents and communities and organizations that support parents and families.

Teresa’s passion and primary focus has been to continue her work with children by consulting in public, private, charter, and parochial schools throughout New Jersey, surrounding states, and internationally.  She strongly supports the involvement and commitment of all “stakeholders” — administrators, teachers, students and parents – and encourages schools to offer a series of PD programs that build this type of partnership.

For your convenience, we are offering two free workshops as follows:

Date: November 12, 2013 Location: Unity Charter School, Art Room Times: 8:15am-10:15am or 6:30pm-8:30pm

To sign up, send an email to Teresa.

You are welcome to bring a friend!

Can’t make it but want to learn more? Visit the Positive Discipline Association website.

Farmer Shaun

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By Amanda DiBattista

It was a great day at Farmer Shaun’s!! We learned about how to implement garden activities into our lessons. It was awesome to see how many different foods are grown in the garden. Personally, I learned how to protect my vegetables from the elements and when to start planting them. Can’t wait to go back!

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo by Amanda DiBattista

photo Amanda DiBattista  has worked in several schools including Kumpf Middle School in Clark and Harding Township School.   This is her third year at Unity and she is very much looking forward to what the year has to bring!