Popcorn Helps Learning Group Understand the States of Matter

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by Jennifer Carcich

Last spring, Jen’s learning group planted non-GMO popcorn in the school’s organic garden. It was a tough summer, but the harvest this fall allowed for the students to pick and dry just enough ears of corn to use for their science unit.

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The students have learned about the states of matter and how heat is the variable that makes matter change to various states. Just in time for Thanksgiving, the students were able to use their kernels to see what happens when the tiniest bit of liquid water is heated inside of the kernels. The water heats, changes to steam and explodes through the kernel’s non-permeable skin causing the kernel to “pop” open. It was an exciting and delicious way to learn about the states of mater! Yum!

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Jennifer Carcich is the 2/3 Grade Teacher and Sustainability Coordinator at Unity Charter School. This is her fifth year teaching at Unity Charter School. She is certified to teach both general education and special education students and has been in the teaching field since 1994. Jennifer takes pride in helping Unity Charter School and continuing to strengthen its unique and innovative approach to education and bring forth the school’s mission.

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