Students Pretend It’s 100 Years Ago on Field Trip

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Last week, everyone in Jeff and Julia’s 3/4 classes went to The Museum of Early Trades and Crafts. We looked around and had to guess what the building used to be, since it is 119 years old. It looked like a church because of the high ceilings and glass work on the windows, but it was actually once a library!

The classes broke out into two groups. One went down stairs and the other stayed upstairs. Since kids made their toys out of clay, feathers and wood. Julia’s class got to make marbles out of clay, as it was one of the toys that kids would make on a farm. We got to play games with marbles just like kids did more than 100 years ago. We even got to take our marbles home with us!

making clay marbles2 Sarah making marbles

After the classes switched activities. Julia’s class went downstairs. They got to pretend it was 100 years ago and we lived on a farm. We learned that children had lots of jobs before and after school and after dinner. The instructors picked volunteers to perform different chores. The chores included making breakfast (collecting eggs from chickens, milking the cows, churning butter, making bread and picking apples), gathering water, making a fire, making candles, getting wool from the sheep and cartering the wool.

wool chores

We learned about the different clothes that boys and girls wore. Girls wore long dresses and had to be careful of getting them wet and dirty in water and mud. Boys wore really high socks and short pants because it was easier to clean socks then pants. We learned that living on a farm was hard work!

We hope to go back again soon because it was so much fun!

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