Students Visit Local Pond to Study the Water Cycle in Winter

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Written by Nina Lawson, Learning Group 2

Edited by Suzanne Dell’Orto (Nina’s mom)

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On Monday, December 22, Jen’s 2/3 Learning Group went on a field trip to the Burnham Park Pond in Morristown to further their study of water and the watercycle. This is our second field trip to study the water cycle this year…we have another one coming up in the Spring!

The bus trip to Burnham Park Pond was great! We learned a lot about watersheds. A watershed is a body of water that is made up of collected water from an area. We found out that household chemicals from lawns, cars, etc. can drain into the watershed and bother the fish, birds, frogs, diving beetles, and other living things that need the water to survive. You probably know all lakes, streams, and rivers have muck on the bottom, right? If chemicals get in the water cycle and into the water, it can kill all the organic matter and fish, animals and plants can’t survive!

When we got to Burnham Park Pond, Jen had us draw what we saw. We drew trees, dead bushes, nettles, a bit of the brook connected to the pond, and ducks that only came that time of year.

park trip pic 3 at the lake

Then we went in the water with Jen. We were all wearing big waterproof boots! Were told that we had to go in the water very slowly. To take another step, we had to wait till the silt faded a little, and we were careful not to go in the water higher than our boots. Jen wore waders, so she could go in really deep!

We used our homemade scope lenses (they were made from yogurt containers with the bottom cut off, and a piece of plastic wrap on the top for the lens). I noticed lots of dirt, silt, and a bubble on my scope lens. The edge of the pond was very muddy, and there were a lot of dead leaves in the water.

park trip 5 Burnham park Field  Trip

We left the water and took notes on what we saw. Nora’s mom brought hot chocolate for everyone! Finally, we got our stuff, and headed to the bus. On the way to the bus Jen told us more about the things we saw and talked about watersheds! It was a great day!

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Nina Lawson is in Jen Carcich’s 2/3 Learning Group at Unity Charter School. She loves nature and drawing, and is always excited about going on field trips. Ask her for her latest “knock-knock” joke!

Suzanne Dell’Orto is a Unity Charter School Board Member and is co-chair of the Curriculum Committee. She is also a practicing artist and graphic designer, and is a design educator at Baruch College/CUNY in New York City.

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