Motivational Speaker Pedals a Positive Message

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On December 5, 2014, Chris Poulos, a comedic, motivational speaking, biker came to Unity Charter School. All of the kids were excited to see him, and they were ecstatic once they saw his amazing moves, including the “Peanut-Butter Jelly.” Teachers were happy because of the positive message that Poulos was giving their students, such as, “Treat others the way that you would want to be treated,” and “Follow your dreams.”

“The biker guy was awesome! He’s so cool!” says sixth grader, Nicholas Scelfo. “My favorite part was when Chris jumped over two of my teachers! I really think he should come back again!”


Chris Poulos has achieved a lot in his life, despite his challenges. Poulos admitted to Unity that he has attention deficit hyper-activity disorder, better known as ADHD. He said that as a kid, biking helped him get all of his energy out and he truly loved it, a lot. Poulos loved biking so much that he made it his career, which won him over 80 competitions. His website,, is dedicated to his work of positive influence on children and of course, biking. Funny, kind, smart, and athletic, it was unanimous, that Poulos’ assembly was one of the best that Unity had ever had!

About Chris Poulos

Chris Poulos is a multifaceted speaker featured at schools, colleges, and conferences throughout the county. His energy and enthusiasm translate into a dynamic performance guaranteed to leave any audience spellbound. Since 1988, audiences around the world have been riveted to Chris’s words of wisdom and astonished by his athletic ability. Chris is truly in a league of his own, mesmerizing his audience with incredible bicycle stunts, while simultaneously engaging them on topics such as: bullying, cyberbullying, perseverance, self-discipline, respect, teamwork, mental health, and more.

Chris designs each program to educate, motivate, and captivate his audience. During his performance, Chris combines extreme bicycle stunts with anecdotes and real-life experiences that reach inside the hearts and minds of his audience. This personal connection allows him to deliver content that the audience can immediately use to improve themselves and their peers. Chris will engage and motivate his audience to think about how to improve their own lives, treat others how they want to be treated, and create a ripple effect of respect and goodwill that will improve their whole community.