Unity Charter School class visits Loantaka Brook Reserve for hands on learning

Written by Cat D. Posted in Daily Life at Unity Charter School, Education, Sustainability, Whole Child Education

loantaka3To make their unit study of water and the states of matter come to life, Jen’s 2/3 Learning Group took their first “in the field” trip of the year at Loantaka Brook Reserve in Morristown.

The students created underwater-scopes in class out of old yogurt containers and plastic wrap. They used these tools to help them observe the animals, plants and other items found in the brook. The children enjoyed lovely weather, fresh air and time in nature.

loantaka2The class found three frogs, a worm, fish, spider webs, bone fragments, algae and many leaves. We used our Science eyes to collect data both with and with out our scopes and record the data with sketches and words in our Water Logs. We look forward to at least two more adventures in local waterways this school year!

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