First Graders graph their way to making a difference!

Written by Stacy Havens. Posted in Civic Responsibility

By Amy Hoffman My 1st grade math class at Unity Charter School recently organized a service learning project where we collected items to assist a young girl, named Maia, who is a student in the country of Belize. Maia is in 1st grade at St. John’s Primary School and has Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is a condition that Maia was born with where she cannot walk. Unfortunately, St. John’s Primary School is not large enough to accommodate Maia’s wheel chair. So, as a class, we decided to collect money to purchase items for Maia, like scooters and gloves, to help Maia move around in her classroom.
We started our drive by creating and sending out a flier to the community telling Maia’s story. On our flier, we asked for donations of scooters, knee and shin pads, wrist and elbow guards, and padded gloves. As we collected the donation forms, we organized the information into data and used this opportunity to learn about graphs. We first put out data on a tally chart. Then, because we could see the data in an organized way, we were able to make a  bar graph to show our donation progress to our school community. Our graphs worked! The community here at Unity really stood up! We were able to gather $729.30 worth of pledges and provide lots of materials for Maia’s educational setting.