Third graders lead interest group on “Eco-Blades”, homemade Beyblades

Written by Stacy Havens. Posted in Daily Life at Unity Charter School, Interest Groups

By Jen Carcich

Gray C., Chris S. (both third graders) and I are running “Home Made Beyblades” for this round of Interest Groups.  It is for children in grades K-4.


Gray and Chris have taught the group what a Beyblade is, how they battle, what their parts are, and gave some suggestions on the best way to battle.


This week the children brought in Beyblades from home. While battling they noted how the parts function together on a Beyblade. We then discussed what found items we could use to create our own eco-friendly versions of these tops.


Over the next two weeks, the children will be assembling their own Beyblades our of found materials, glue and tape.  Our final session will end with the students battling their eco-blades!