Thoughts on Education

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– by Peter Minde Here are a few more thoughts on education.  Enjoy. When I was in college, back in dinosaur days, professors lectured for 60 minutes to 100 students.  Any questions, you had to make an appointment during their office hours.  There’s been so much written about the flipped classroom and peer to peer learning, you’d think the lecture is dead.  Not so fast.
Suppose you are a student in a high school or college course and a magic fairy offers you the following choice: (1) You will learn the material in the course well, but will get a low grade (a D).  Or (2) you will not learn the material at all, but will get a high grade (an A).  Which would you choose?  Be honest. ”   Peter Gray
Are schools good for learning, or for more Pavlovian purposes?  Peter Gray explores whether schools are as effective as they ought to be.