Homework: Links of the Moment

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– by Peter Minde

At Unity Charter School, homework has been a simmering debate for a two or three years. Do our kids get enough homework each night, or do they get too much? Over the years we’ve had Laurel in UCS, I’ve heard arguments both ways.

The Whole School Viability committee, of which I’m chairman, is considering a model homework policy. Recently, the teaching staff kindly shared their opinions on what an appropriate homework policy should look like. I thank them for their time.

This policy is under consideration and hasn’t yet been adopted. Please feel free to attend one of the committee meetings – they’re in the school’s Google calendar – or a full Board of Trustees meeting to share your opinion.

The homework debate isn’t unique to UCS. The Morristown Patch recently published an article about student homework loads. They link to a couple of scholarly pieces as well as an Economist piece about homework in China that rings similar to what we read in the China Daily when we were there this summer.

Jillianne Zimmerman pointed me to this scholarly analysis on homework’s place in educating our kids.  Most definitely worth the read.

In The Atlantic, former teacher Jessica Lahey expounds on the idea of getting rid of homework altogether.

On a lighter note, I couldn’t help but share about Fairbanks, AK’s Watershed School. Like Unity Charter School, Watershed is a K-8 school looking to teach their students about the local environment. In that frigid clime, their take on keeping kids active? Getting them to ski, of course. Be still my beating heart. Is it too late to plan for a ski jump in our new outdoor space?

moi Peter Minde is a father of a Unity 5th grader. A member of Unity’s Board of Trustees, he chairs the Whole School Viability committee. He is a NASM certified personal trainer and freelance writer.