Links of the Moment: Early Summer Edition

Written by Peter. Posted in Education, Positive Discipline, Whole Child Education

Are social media taking over your life?  Are they taking over your children’s lives? How connected to we need to be?  This is a debate in your blog administrator’s household and elsewhere.  Although Facebook, for example, currently prohibits persons under 13 from having a page, over seven million kids under 13 create a Facebook page anyway, fibbing about their ages. While social media sites offer a way to stay in touch, they unfortunately can also be a milieu for cyber bullying.  According to this infographic, one in three kids say they’ve been threatened online.  What can we do to ensure that our children are safe when they go online? From Arizona State University, here’s a brief overview on developing measurable learning objectives. In some education circles, a concept called the “flipped classroom” is gaining favor.  No, the kids aren’t sitting upside down on the ceiling.  Rather, in a flipped classroom, students watch recorded lessons at home, and complete their homework in the classroom the following day.  Advocates say it’s the ultimate in differentiated learning.  Are they right?  Mary Beth Hertz’s The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con is an even handed assessment of this teaching technique.  N.B. in sharing this post, your blog administrator doesn’t advocate for this teaching technique.

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